What We Do

VisiTrack gives companies the ability to verify 100% of the jobs performed by their field workforce, in real time.

With VisiTrack, you find answers to the following questions:
  • Do you Know where are your field workers right now?
  • Do you know how long are your field workers spending in each job site?
  • Is your company billing the actual time spent by your field workers at each job?
  • Are your field workers following the predefined routes?
  • Do you have employess in your offices re-typing the data collected by your field workers into your corporate systems?
  • Do you have extra-costs caused by human error when typing-in collected data?

Visitrack is a robust big-data repository that can perform numerous types of analysis on your business to help you meet your goals and objectives. Among the analysis reports you can evaluate:

  • Jobs completed each day
  • Time it takes to perform specific types of jobs
  • Field worker productivity reports
  • Quality and accuracy reports by customer or field worker
  • Pending work orders
  • Jobs by customer
  • Trend graphs to evaluate gains or isolate issues
  • Summary level reports as well as detailed reports at the customer or field worker levels
  • And any number of custom reports that can help your business